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Built with solid, durable materials 45 Montreal Street is in large part as it was nearly 150 years ago but with the modern updates and amenities necessary for today’s lifestyle. Original features—entrance door, large bay window, cross‑gable dormer, two‑over‑two window sash, a winding stair—remain in the house. Other aspects have been updated using the latest technologies to provide a low‑maintenance exterior envelope and an energy efficient building with low operating costs. Completely renovated, the building shell is insulated and clad in maintenance‑free Hardie‑Plank siding. Building systems including heating and lighting focused on energy efficiency. The interior has also been updated and boasts an open‑plan living/kitchen/dining area, and a master suite on the first floor for single‑level living. The high quality finishes add a touch of glamour throughout.

This is a home you can feel good in and feel good about. People who own CornerStone homes have peace of mind, knowing their home has been restored and updated to the highest standards possible. They can rest easy knowing they will have years of worry‑free and low‑cost living. But, it’s more than that. Owners of these homes simply feel good. Part of this comes from the open‑flow design, a way of blending spaces and aesthetics where the human form feels enriched and accommodated. Feeling good also comes from living in spaces that excite and invigorate the senses. Spaces, you look forward to spending quiet time enjoying and showing off to others. Finally there is comfort in knowing that you are living lightly on the land. Since the greenest home is the one you never build, the restoration of 45 Montreal Street goes one step further, to help you live green. Add in super insulation, a high‑efficiency natural gas heating system, mini‑splits for heat, AC and air filtration, green building elements, and buy local choices for a truly feel good purchase.

Invigorated – Inspired – Centered – Relaxed

Live Invigorated – Abundant healing sun, fresh salt air, and a truly connected community that’s ideal for multi‑sport enthusiasts, sailors, artists, yogis, foodies and others.

Live Inspired – A home you can feel good in and feel good about with buy local choices, green materials, state‑of‑the art‑technology and luxurious amenities in harmony with historic details.

Live Centered – Interior and exterior spaces that feel right, low/no water gardens, sun‑filled side porch, private fenced yard and a home that compliments its community.

Live Relaxed – Get out there and enjoy the eclectic East End, our wonderful city and beyond, and don’t worry about home. 45 Montreal Street is as close to worry and maintenance free as you can find.

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