The residence at 45 Montreal Street represents Munjoy Hill’s history as a working class neighborhood. Built ca. 1862‑3, it is typical of the simple, wood‑framed houses built for the many workers who came to the Hill to work for the nearby railroads and manufacturers. While many Hill residents rented a flat in one of the numerous “triple deckers,” others such as Thomas Burgess, one‑time owner of 45 Montreal Street, prospered and were able to own their own homes. Today, these houses are the perfect fit for those who want to live in a historic setting but do not want overly ornate and formal interiors or to be overwhelmed by maintenance.

45 Montreal Street was built by John Russell, Jr. He sold the house to George B. Gordon who less than a year later sold it to Thomas Burgess, a machinist who would own the house for the next twenty years. Burgess would eventually own three adjacent properties: 45 Montreal Street, 47 Montreal Street, and 44 Walnut Street. Burgess and his family seem to have lived in 47 Montreal and rented 45 Montreal Street to a variety of tenants. In 1885 Burgess sold all three properties to George W. Beale and by 1887 he had left Portland.

After a series of tenants, James Logie and his family, wife Marion and daughters Marjory and Annie, moved into 45 Montreal Street in 1895. James and Marion were Scottish immigrants; he had arrived in the Untied States in 1874. James Logie worked as a joiner (building framer) for the Portland Company and later as a carpenter. In 1907, James, then widowed, purchased 45 Montreal Street. After his death in 1911 the house passed to his two daughters who would live here for the rest of their lives. Older sister Marjory was a stenographer who worked for a steamship company on the Franklin Wharf. Anna, also called Annie, was a teacher who taught at the nearby Shailer School on North Street for many years. Anna Logie lived at 45 Montreal Street for nearly 75 years, finally selling the house in 1969. The Logie family is buried together in Evergreen Cemetery.

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